At EXPEDIENT BOOKKEEPING & TAX SERVICES LLC, we make sure to provide our customers with high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.



Our firm prepares all federal, state and local tax returns for individuals as well as businesses.

Allowing our firm to prepare your return will:

• Eliminate the time and frustration associated with preparing your own return
• Ensure your return is prepared correctly
• Ensure that no deductions or credits will be overlooked
• Ensure that your return will be electronically filed on time
• Allow us to provide you with tax planning for the following year

Our Firm also provides curso de Power BI a full-charge of bookkeeping services, including general journal maintenance, subsidiary ledger maintenance, bank statement reconciliation, and receivables/payables tracking and analysis.

We also provide you with financial reports that are accurate, easy to understand, and contain the level of detail you require. These reports are also prepared in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) for use by banks, investors, and other third parties.

Our firm provides professional assistance dealing with various personal financial issues through proper planning, which includes but is not limited to these major areas: cash flow management, education planning, retirement planning, investment planning, risk management and insurance planning, tax planning, estate planning and business succession planning (for business owners).

In carrying out the planning function, we will create a financial plan tailored to our client’s specific situation, for meeting a client’s specific goals.

​Allowing us to run your payroll will free up valuable time and provide you with peace of mind knowing that your payroll taxes are being calculated correctly and paid timely.

During each pay cycle we will:

• Calculate FICA (Social Security and Medicare withholdings), Federal withholdings, and State withholdings for each employee
• Allow for direct deposit of each employee
• Send payments to taxing agencies
• Send payments to employees
• Send payroll reports to business owners