On the 25th October 2016, The Social Impact Awards took place in Malta. A new exciting initiative for social change in Malta, that was organised by The Gasan Foundation and Inspirasia Foundation and supported by local businesses.

By bringing companies and philanthropists together we wished to offer opportunities to receive financial and non-financial support to develop and materialise a project that will have a positive social impact on Malta. The Social Impact Awards, will be done yearly to create a platform for new philanthropic ideas that can have a sustainable positive impact and scalable change for Malta.

"The idea behind these awards is to inspire the business community and foundations to give more and give well" - Mr. Mark Weingard, founder of Inspirasia Foundation.

The first of its kind for Malta, 2 projects won full funding and professional services from two leading Maltese companies to grow their organisations and marketing;


Dar Hosea – Walk-in Centre

Project submitted by: St Jeanne Antide Foundation


The project looks at women trapped in a life of street-based prostitution as victims of gender-based violence and hence offers them access to a range of supports such as facilities to meet basic needs, guidance on self-care and self-development, sexual health education and harm reduction screening as well as social work support and non-formal education.

What IF

What if society and the criminal justice system were to see women trapped in prostitution as victims of gender-based violence, and treat them as such?


SJAF won a grant of Eur44,000 and non-financial support from PWC Malta.

Project WO (Watch Out) Phase 1

Project submitted by: Victim Support Malta


This project aims to encourage community-building and social engagement at the grassroots level by setting up Neighbourhood Watch schemes, through the provision of specialised training. Project WO seeks to address the twin issues of crime and social disengagement through the establishment of Neighbourhood Watch (NW) schemes.

In Phase I Project WO aims to enhance knowledge about Neighbourhood Watch in Malta through specialised training. Although there have been a few attempts at establishing Neighbourhood Watch Schemes in Malta, none has resulted in the effective establishment of a NW. VSM is convinced that a more informed and coordinated approach will yield satisfactory and tangible results.

What IF

What IF neighbours joined forces to make their community happier, stronger and safer?


VSM won a grant of Eur7,500 and non-financial support from ICON Malta and PWC Malta.


Suicide and Self-Harm Prevention

Project submitted by: Crisis Resolution Malta


The project aims at setting up a 24/7 crisis lines at suicide hotspots across Malta and Gozo to help save lives and creating a national crisis management course to help identify those at risk of mental illness and self-harm.

What IF

What if we could save the lives of all those who approach these suicide spots? What if we can help those pondering on life and their psychological issues and prevent them from getting worse?

What if we could have a crisis trained member of staff in every school, establishment, company or department? This would bring vulnerable people to our attention, minimise the crisis and help improve the long term health of the nation.

Step Up for Parkinson’s

Project submitted by: Natalie Muschamp


The project’s concept is to establish ongoing dance courses in Malta focused on helping People with Parkinson’s (PWP). The project’s primary aim is to create an annual, two-week international training program in Malta in which PWPs are monitored by specialists to further research within the field. Published data from this program will have substantial international impact and help improve the lives of PDs around the world. Creating the first research and training center in Malta for patients with PD.

What IF

What if, dance could improve the quality of life of people with Parkinson’s here in Malta?

Pregnancy Outreach – The Help Line

Project submitted by: LifeNetwork Foundation Malta


The project aims to be there - to counsel, to advice and to give material assistance to women facing difficult situations related to pregnancies. The project aims to set up an institutional structure designed to guide and assist a woman facing a crisis pregnancy from the moment that the first call of help arises, through the term of pregnancy and the actual birth, to the earliest phases of the mother-child relationship.

What IF

What if your child were to find herself alone, broke... and pregnant?