The second edition of the Social Impact Awards were held on the 16th November, 2017 at Le Meridien. Eight social projects were pitched to a full audience of philanthropists, businesses and individuals interested in being part of a change. This second edition of these awards saw Eur128,600 given out as grants, ZAAR crowd funding campaign award matched by CORE platform and non-financial support from PWC and Nathan Farrugia.

The semi-finalists all received non-financial support in the shape of mentoring services by TAKEOFF Malta and finalists were paired with an executive from the Malta Academy of Chief Executives.

"We are trying to do something important, trying to get people to create new initiatives that will have long standing and not short term social impact" - Joseph A. Gasan, founder of The Gasan Foundation and Gasan Group of Companies."

SIA 2017

WINNER: Eur 40,000

OOPS – Mental Health Campaign

Submitted by: OOPS (organisations of Psychology Students)

Organisation of Psychology Students (OOPS) from the state post-secondary school of Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary aim to introduce a free walk-in clinic on campus called Enlight. At this clinic students will be able to access the services of a clinical psychologist with minimal delay. According to the World Health Organisation, 1 in 4 people will be affected by a mental or neurological disorder at some point in their lifetime. OOPS believes that mental health services need to be readily available to youths, as prevention and early detection of mental disorders is crucial. OOPS is also organising an intensive mental health promotion and awareness campaign. Through various activities they aim to give accurate information about mental health, raise awareness on warning signs youths need to look out for and start an open conversation about mental health. They believe that this will help to change public attitudes and decrease stigma associated with mental illness, which would ultimately motivate more people to seek help and support.

Winner: Eur35,000

Friendship Cards

Submitted by: Relationships are Forever

We have created an educational tool where children can learn communication life skills while playing a game. Friendship Cards are an interactive tool which can be used with friends at school and families at home. Friendship cards help in the development of emotional literacy and conflict resolution skills, which empower the individual to cultivate positive attitudes.
The HAPPY CHILDREN project will reach out to over 1000 children & families by training teachers in schools and giving each child a set of Friendship Cards. We believe that the HAPPY CHILDREN project will make the world a better place and a gift for generations to come.

Winner: Eur20,000


Submitted by: Malta Youth Athletes Network

Sport4Youth is a project that uses sport to create a social impact. The aim of the project is to increase youth participation in sport, particularly those coming from underprivileged backgrounds. The project incorporates an awareness raising campaign that addresses obesity and promotes healthy living, as well as development of inclusive training programmes that link youth, sport clubs and the private sector. The goal of this initiative is to attract and retain 1,000 new youngsters to 5 sport disciplines by 2022, while offering free training opportunities to participants from children homes.

Winner: Eur20,000

Making Care Giving a Positive Experience

Submitted by: The Malta Hospice Movement

Hospice’s project: After hours On-call Service: Making Caregiving a Positive Experience is a professional nursing advice/guidance regarding symptom management, nursing care and emotional support, aiming to reduce isolation, avoid hospitalization and enable patients to die at home should this be their wish. In this difficult period, Hospice Malta is a life-line to patients/relatives in the community. Over 1000 families may benefit from this after-hours free of charge service, at a time when other professionals are not easily available.

Audience Participation Award
ZAAR Crowd Funding Campaign, CORE Platform & Committee Contribution amounting to Eur16,600


Submitted by: Migrant Women Association Malta

SAHA is a project that aims to integrate and empower migrant women living in Malta through employment. They have identified an opportunity to utilize the strengths and capabilities of migrant women to build a social enterprise based on culinary skills, where the project envisions the employment of migrant women through a food truck named “SAHA!” which would serve international, healthy dishes to the Maltese public, with an international cuisine that reflects the different nationalities of women working on the food truck.


Submitted by: Contribute Malta

Building on the success of Contribute Water, iContribute is taking the much appreciated concept of sharing whilst consuming to the next level. The idea is very simple, but yet so effective; iContribute comes in the form of a sticker or logo that can be put on any product or service, hence, it will become a "charity product/service", as part of the sales price will go to a local charity organization. What product would you choose if they are similar in all aspects, but one gave a donation to charity?
Using the iContribute concept is the perfect way for companies to take care of their Corporate Social Responsibility, the end consumer to have the chance to give to charity on an everyday basis by choosing the “right” products, and for the charity organization to raise funds. It’s a win-win-win. We believe that charity should be available to anyone, at anytime, anywhere.

Giving Gardens

Submitted by: Terra Firma Collective

What if we could create a collection of community art gardens in urban centres – refreshing green oases where young and old could rest, share and learn how to create and grow sustainable beauty together? The GIVING GARDENS PROJECT will be a radical new way to unite communities and experience the arts. Besides providing much needed space for members of the community to grow fresh organic food, our gardens are intended to be "art" gardens, where artists will have the incentive and opportunity to present their art in an outdoor setting.

Green Roads Malta

Submitted by: Green Roads Malta

Greenroads Malta is a socio-environmental initiative supported by Transport Malta, intended to significantly reduce traffic and pollution from our streets by encouraging and rewarding sustainable transport among car owners. A free and safe mobile app solution will facilitate and reward carpooling, with the intention to expand the use towards other sustainable forms of mobility including public transport.