Social Impact Awards (Malta)

The Social Impact Awards is a new exciting initiative in Malta being organised by The Gasan Foundation and Inspirasia Foundation.

The 2017 submissions have been closed and finalists will be chosen at the end of October to pitch their projects at the final event on the 16th November 2017. If you did not make this year’s awards, don’t worry as there is always next year.

The Gasan Foundation

The Gasan Foundation will aim to provide financial and non-financial support mainly to existing non-profit organisations to assist them with their charitable activities. Through its on-going philanthropic efforts the Foundation will endeavour to offer any necessary support to social purpose organisation andindividuals to help them change lives and to be able to have more impact and long-term sustainable growth on more specific areas of social need.

Inspirasia Foundation

Founded in 2003, Inspirasia is the official foundation of Mark Weingard’s businesses worldwide, and of his staff, business leaders, and many of his customers. Inspirasia believes that philanthropy and better business go hand in hand in creating effective social change through which everyone will benefit. The core of Inspirasia has been, and always will be, creating light from darkness. The core of Inspirasia is inspiration and new possibilities.

Since 2003, Inspirasia Foundation has directed more than US$11 million to charity. Inspirasia grants have delivered core health, disability, education, and disaster relief services to tens of thousands of lives to some of the poorest families in India, Indonesia, Thailand and Malta.

From the beginning, Inspirasia has been a foundation working with business owners and executives to make the world a better place. Inspirasia businesses have charity at their heart. In turn, Inspirasia inspires business owners and executives to give, give more, and give smart by taking our impact as seriously as our profits, with efficiency and professionalism our core. (For more information please find our prospectus attached or visit our website: )

Non-financial Support