SIA 2017

1. Making Care Giving a Positive Experience

Project submitted by: The Malta Hospice Movement

Hospice’s project: After hours On-call Service: Making Caregiving a Positive Experience is a professional nursing advice/guidance regarding symptom management, nursing care and emotional support, aiming to reduce isolation, avoid hospitalization and enable patients to die at home should this be their wish. In this difficult period, Hospice Malta is a life-line to patients/relatives in the community. Over 1000 families may benefit from this after-hours free of charge service, at a time when other professionals are not easily available.

2. iSmart

Project submitted by: iSmart

iSmart is an inclusive education app designed for learning difficulties. It gives back confidence to students struggling to read and write. iSmart is a young startup company based in Malta. iSmart is committed to not only create software and solutions, but also to train the teachers in using these solutions. iSmart aims to provide assistive technology tools for students with learning difficulties and help parents, teachers and psychologists communicate and collaborate more for the benefit of students.

iSmart facebook

3. Friendship Cards

Submitted by: Relationship are Forever

Friendship cards is an innovative education tool to help children develop Emotional Literacy and Conflict Resolution Life Skills. These life skills will help children at school and families build strong relationships. Our project is to train teachers and children so that Friendship Cards will be shared in a number of schools in Malta.

4. Sport4Youth

Submitted by: Malta Youth Athletes Network

Sport4Youth is a project that incorporates sports with social improvement. They aim to deliver an Online Awareness Raising Campaign to combat obesity and unhealthy living, create a Youth Athletes Community, deliver a sport training programme for orphans and help change policy.

5. Walking Malta

Project submitted by: University of Malta

Walkable environments are crucial to quality of life, and yet Malta seems to have overlooked pedestrians’ needs for the last few decades. Increasing the number of people who freely decide to walk would have a life-changing impact on public health, would improve social interaction and cohesiveness, would boost local businesses and help to tackle the economic and environmental issues of traffic and congestion. The tool to leverage this social change would be the first smartphone app for pedestrians: the Walking Malta App, a service to inform, engage and empower pedestrians.

6. Building Bridges

Submitted by: Migrant Women Association Malta

Many migrant women are unemployed in Malta and lack the skills and opportunities to integrate and to empower themselves. This project aims to empower migrant women and provide an innovative and sustainable ways of creating new employment opportunities while sharing culture and diversity.

7. #Żibel

Submitted by: #Żibel

Currently, no organisation is delving into local product creation from waste. This project seeks to tackle the problem holistically, using modern, educational, design, engineering and social techniques to drive society towards a more sustainable future. What we want to achieve is not a temporary fix but a radical re-structuring in Maltese culture and lifestyle and the waste (potential resources) it leaves behind by devising a long-term plan which guarantees.

8. LoP – the Language of Photography

Submitted by: KOPIN (Koperazzjoni Internazzjonali - Malta)

Kopin’s project “Language of Photography” promotes personal, emotional, social and technical skill development through the exploration of photography. Ten persons with hearing impairment/loss will participate in five photographic workshops, held by Darrin Zammit Lupi, with the aim to explore new forms of self-expression through photography; gain new perspectives on Malta and enhance social interaction. The project will culminate in a public exhibition of the participants’ selected photographs.

9. Giving Gardens

Submitted by: Terra Firma Collective

What if we could create a collection of community art gardens in urban centres – refreshing green oases where young and old could rest, share and learn how to create and grow sustainable beauty together?

The GIVING GARDENS PROJECT will be a radical new way to unite communities and experience the arts. Besides providing much needed space for members of the community to grow fresh organic food, our gardens are intended to be "art" gardens, where artists will have the incentive and opportunity to present their art in an outdoor setting.

10. Green Roads Malta

Submitted by: Green Roads Malta

Green Roads Malta is a concept that will start by releasing a mobile application that aims to address this environmental problem by delivering consisent rewards to carpoolers and public transport users. The solution is delivered via a simple to use mobile application (iOS, Android & Windows) that promotes car pooling and/or use of public transport by establishing a gamifed reward system for passengers / drivers with the aim of reducing pollution during rush hour times. The project aims to reduce the carbon footprint caused by traffic.

11. iContribute

Submitted by: Contribute Malta

iContribute is a project making it easier for people to contribute to charity. The iContribute concept is a platform for companies to take care of their CSR and for people to make conscious choices of how they consume and help others at the same time. It is a modern way to give to charity, without putting your hand in your pocket, but just making the right choice.

12. Zerniq

Submitted by: Dar Guzeppa Debono

Zerniq focuses on building stronger relationships to eradicate social exclusions and equip youths with skills to stay above the poverty threshold. Apart from assistance from experts in the field, this project will educate and raise awareness to leave a positive footprint to stop social exclusions and poverty on future generations.

13. OOPS – Mental Health Campaign

Submitted by: OOPS (organisations of Psychology Students)

OOPS is proposing a school-based Mental Health Awareness Campaign. The campaign aims to increase awareness about mental health issues, improve public attitudes towards people with mental health problems and empower and support people with mental health issues in seeking help and treatment. The project will also launch a new in-house psychological service for staff and students of GCHSS as a walk-in clinic, free of charge.